Election Campaign Signs

For the 2023 School District Election, Edina City Code Sec. 36-1657 (2) regulates the placement of campaign signs.

  • Maximum size: 6 square feet.
  • Maximum number: one sign for each candidate per frontage.
  • Maximum duration: 60 days prior to the election until seven days following the election.
  • Location: Campaign signs must conform with the provisions of section 36-1656. No such sign can be placed upon the right-of-way without the consent of the abutting property owner.

Other City of Edina Campaign Sign Rules

  • Campaign signs on residential property must be placed at least 10 feet from traveled portion of roadway with property owner’s permission.  
  • Campaign signs should not interfere with regulatory signs and traffic control devices.
  • Campaign signs should not impede the view at intersections.
  • Campaign signs should not be attached to trees, rocks or power poles.
  • Campaign signs should not be placed on parkland, other publicly owned property or bridges/overpasses.
  • Illegally placed signs will be removed by our community service officers when we receive complaints. Signs will be stored at City Hall next to the Police Department on Eden Avenue. Pick up your campaign sign from here any time - you do not need to make arrangements.

Read the city sign ordinance. For placement, see the diagram below or view the illustration of campaign rules (PDF).

Election Campaign Signs Illustration