Licenses & Permits

The City Clerk Division issues and maintains certain licenses. Other departments handle many common permits.

Online Applications for Licenses or Registration Handled by City Clerk Division

Special Licenses & Applications

For the following licenses and applications, please email City Clerk Sharon Allison.

  • Commercial Photography
  • Massage
  • Sidewalk Cafe

Other Licenses and Permits

Many other licenses or permits are handled by other City divisions or departments such as Health or Fire. Please check both the first link in a category and the encrypted link. We are transitioning to encrypted applications and forms for increased data security.

See the Form Center for other available online forms and applications or use the Search function.

Liquor License Information

Please note once an application is received by the Edina City Clerk, it generally takes 8-10 weeks for processing.

Application for a Liquor License

Who Must Submit an Application

All officers in the corporation holding the prospective license and all persons owning more than a 5% interest in the license must fill out an application and undergo a criminal background check. The business and personal financials of the applicants are reviewed, as are any contracts or leases. This level of detail is necessary to understand the identity of the true owners and operators of the business, to reveal disqualified or ineligible applicants, and to make certain that the applicants are suitable to run this highly regulated business in compliance with all applicable laws by looking at their licensing history. Most applicants have been local business owners who have conducted business only in the state. With out-of-state, large chain liquor retailers the review process can be lengthier.

Process to Approve

Once staff has reviewed the application, it is scheduled for consideration by the City Council. If a new on-sale intoxicating license is requested, the City Clerk will schedule a public hearing and publish 10 days’ notice in the Edina Sun Current.

Once approved by the City Council, each application package is sent to the State of Minnesota Department of Public Safety, Alcohol & Gambling Enforcement Division (AGED). Depending on the type of license, AGED may also require an inspection of the completed premises before the State approves their portion of the license. In any case, a license is not released until the establishment is approved by AGED.