Find or Request Public Records

Finding Public Records

City Code: Edina's Code of Ordinances have the full force and effect of law. It's divided by chapters and is searchable by phrase or topic. 

Edina Docs Document Archive: This searchable online database is an archive of public records. You can find resolutions, ordinances, City Council minutes as far back as 1888, lot surveys and much more.

Public Meetings: Agendas, meeting packets and minutes of the Edina City Council and of the City's boards and commissions can be found by date or topic online via NovusAgenda.

Website: Recent records such as press releases or publications can be found on If searching, for best results use a specific keyword or phrase.

Requesting Public Records

The City is committed to providing the public with access to government data in accordance with the law. The Minnesota Government Data Practices Act gives you the right to see and have copies of public data that the City keeps. 

  • Charge for copies for 100 or fewer paper copies is 25 cents per one-sided page of black and white, letter or legal size, or 50 cents for a two-sided copy. For charges not set by statute, actual costs will be charged, including employees' time for searching and retrieving data.
  • You have the right to see or inspect all public data that we keep, free of charge. This is done by appointment only. When you ask to inspect public data in your data request, staff will coordinate a suitable date and time with you.
  • When you submit a request, our goal is to respond within 10 days. Most data are emailed to requesters without a charge. 

Submitting a Request

  • Complete this Public Data Request form
  • You do not have to provide contact information on the form. However, to communicate with you about your request, we will need a way to contact you. 

Data Classifications and Access

Data on Individuals Data Not on Individuals Data on Deceased Who Has Access
Public Data      
Public Public Public Anyone
Not Public Data      
Private Non-public Private Data subjects and government employees and officials with a business need to know
Confidential Protected non-public Confidential Government employees and officials with a business need to know

Responsible Authority

City Clerk Sharon Allison has been designated by the City Council as the City's responsible authority under the Minnesota Government Data Practices Act. The responsible authority is accountable for the collection, use and dissemination of government data, unless otherwise provided by state law.  Designees listed below are also available to assist you with your data requests. 

Responsible Authority and Compliance Official

Sharon Allison, City Clerk
[email protected]

Data Practices Designee - Administration

Jennifer Garske, Executive Assistant
[email protected]

Data Practices Designee – Police Department

Lynn Olson
[email protected]

Data Practices Designee – Human Resources Department

Kelly Curtin
[email protected]