Park Projects

Projects listed here include significant equipment replacement, maintenance or work that disrupts parking or sections of a park. Projects involving community feedback are also on the Parks Projects section of Better Together Edina.

Please note some items below are not actually Park & Recreation projects but happen to affect the listed park. They are listed for your convenience.

Current Projects

Braemar Park

New amenities and improvements
New amenities and major improvements outlined in the Braemar Park Master Plan are in the works including mountain biking and walking trails, pickleball courts, nature restoration and a new playground at Courtney Fields.

Buckthorn study
An ongoing study to test a variety of buckthorn control measures is happening in the northwest portion of the park, north of Braemar Golf Dome and east of Braemar Field and the Courtney Fields baseball complex.

The joint study with Resource Environmental Services (RES) will include different cutting techniques, application or herbicide or not, prescribed fire and other options. The goal is to identify opportunities for reduced use of herbicide, better ecological response and cost savings.  The buckthorn removal and ecological restoration of this study will benefit upcoming, but unrelated, improvements at Braemar Park.

Bristol & Mavelle Park

This project, also known as Lynnmar Basin, is complete. It features stormwater improvements and light recreation including a new walking path. The seeds and plantings done in spring and early summer 2023 are starting to grow in.

The City and the Nine Mile Creek Watershed District worked on this project together. 

Cornelia School Park - Lift Station #6

This is an Engineering Department project at 4400 72nd St.  to build a new lift station to replace the existing one that's at the end of its useful life. The project affects the south end of the park.

Fox Meadow Park Playground

The playground equipment at Fox Meadow Park is being replaced soon.

After two rounds of surveys, residents and park users chose the design from Flagship Equipment, using Landscape Structures play pieces. The playground has been ordered. An installation date will be announced as soon as we have a time frame for that.  

Lewis Park Loop Trail

The surface of the loop trail around Lewis Park was repaved in early September 2023. Some landscaping work will be done before the cold weather sets in.

Repaving near the Lewis Park shelter building will be part of the building replacement, scheduled for a 2024-2025 Capital Improvement Project.

Strachauer Park

The City Council has approved the Master Plan, which was created with input from park users and nearby residents. Replacing the playground will be the first phase of this long-term project. 

Tennis Court Renovations

The tennis courts at these three parks are usually refurbished in fall and winter. They then reopen in spring or summer, depending on weather,  with a fresh surface for players.

  • Countryside  - Renovation complete. Courts are full tennis courts that are also striped for pickleball. Open for play. 

Todd Park Playground

The playground equipment and surface is being replaced.

Park users and nearby residents will help design the new playground by providing their choices on playground style, colors and play pieces. 

Walnut Ridge Park Playground

The playground equipment and surface is being replaced.

Park users and nearby residents will help design the new playground by providing their choices on playground style, colors and play pieces. 

Weber Woods / Morningside Flood Infrastructure Project

A major Engineering project will lower and expand Weber Pond and the Lynn/Kipling Pond to store more floodwater to protect homes in the area from flooding due to climate change. 

Wooddale Park Playground

The playground equipment at Wooddale Park is being replaced soon.

The design from Minnesota Playground was chosen by residents and park users. The equipment has been ordered. An installation time frame will be communicated as soon as we have it.   

Wooddale Path Landscape Restoration Project

The City has removed invasive plants along Wooddale path and is working on restoration with native plants.  

Upcoming Playground Projects

The Parks & Recreation Department has 25 playgrounds throughout the park system. Park Maintenance examines each playground and ranks it based on use, traffic patterns, worn items, environmental conditions such as rain and sun damage, and imagination in the structure. The City's Capital Improvement Plan calls for replacing the equipment at the highest priority ones.

Fox Meadow, Strachauer. Todd, Walnut Ridge and Wooddale park playground replacement efforts are underway (see above). 

Upcoming higher priority ones:

  • Birchcrest Park
  • Highlands Park
  • Yancey Park

Note that equipment replacement might happen in a different order than just priority based on nearby park, street or environmental projects, equipment delays and other factors.