Park Projects

Projects listed here  include significant equipment replacement, maintenance or work that disrupts parking or sections of a park. 

Please note some items are not actually Park & Recreation projects but happen to affect the listed park. They are listed for your convenience.

Current Projects

Braemar Arena Parking Lot

Work has begun to replace the aging asphalt parking lots that serve both Braemar Arena and Courtney Fields.  FPI Paving, which was awarded the work in early August, hopes to have the project substantially completed by the end of September. Some disruptions to parking and entrances can be expected, but the lots will still be available to users each day.

The project will also provide security lighting to the parking areas and EV charging stations, though some of that won't be installed until spring due to supply chain issues.

Bristol & Mavelle Park

This project, also known as Lynmar Basin, includes stormwater improvements and light recreational improvements  including a new walking path. 

The City and the Nine Mile Creek Watershed District are working on this project together. 

Countryside Park

New fencing will replace the bowed fencing at the baseball field, improving safety and play. The old metal fencing will be recycled.

Lewis Park Playground

The playground equipment at Lewis Park was replaced in fall 2022.

The Parks & Recreation Department got feedback from more than 600 neighborhood residents, including children who use the playground,  to choose the theme and equipment. 

Rosland Park

The Nine Mile Creek Watershed District is installing a new stormwater filtration system to help keep phosphorous out of Lake Cornelia and downstream to Lake Edina. This should help the water quality and prevent outbreaks of dangerous blue-green algae. 

Strachauer Park

Development of a Master Plan for this park is underway and will include plans for replacing the playground equipment. Input from park users and nearby residents is driving this Master Plan. 

Tennis Court Renovations

The tennis courts at these three parks are being refurbished in fall and winter. They will reopen in spring with a fresh surface for players.

  • Countryside Park

Weber Woods / Morningside Flood Infrastructure Project

A major Engineering project will lower and expand Weber Pond and the Lynn/Kipling Pond to store more floodwater to protect homes in the area from flooding due to climate change. 

Upcoming Playground Projects

The Parks & Recreation Department has 25 playgrounds throughout the park system. Park Maintenance examines each playground and ranks it based on use, traffic patterns, worn items, environmental conditions such as rain and sun damage, and imagination in the structure. The City's Capital Improvement Plan calls for replacing the equipment at the highest priority ones.

  • Fox Meadow Park
  • Strachauer Park (as part of upcoming Master Plan process)
  • Wooddale Park

Note that equipment replacement might happen in a different order than just priority based on nearby park, street or environmental projects, equipment delays and other factors.

Completed Major Projects

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