Arden Park Restoration

Arden Park, 5230 Minnehaha Blvd., has a new shelter building, playground and hockey rink, new trails and better access to get right up to the creek. Come take a look!

What’s New

Shelter building: Designed with input from nearby residents, the shelter matches the architecture of surrounding homes to better blend into the neighborhood. It is the premiere shelter in the Edina Parks system, serving as a warming house in winter and offering covered outdoor patio seating for warmer months. Residents can rent the shelter for parties and gatherings.

Playground: This ADA-accessible playground features lots of slides, swings and climbers with a nature theme. Thanks to Arden Park children and students at Cornelia Elementary who helped pick the colors and features.

Trails: In addition to the main trail that cuts through the center of Arden Park, a new north trail was added as was more sidewalk around the park. There is also an east-west trail. Note only the main trail is plowed in winter.

Water access: The park features several walk-up spots for fishing, putting in a tube or launching a kayak or other activities.

Skating areas: The hockey rink has been completely rebuilt with new boards. The open skate area still features trees in the center surrounded by ice.

Lighting: Focused LED lighting to reduce energy consumption and limit bleed into the neighborhood has been added. The park also features trail lighting.

Improved views: Invasive buckthorn and overgrown vegetation that obscured views of the creek have been removed. Native plants, strategically placed, have been planted.

Stormwater treatment: An elaborate underground and above-ground system can handle and treat stormwater coming from 80 surrounding acres, slowing and cleaning it before it reaches the creek. This will keep 30 pounds of phosphorus out of the creek each year, improving water quality and the health of plants and animals in and around the creek.

Reduced flooding: Rerouting the creek with a more natural design restored over 2,100 feet of streambank and 230 feet of stream length. In addition to improving stream health and habitat, this will reduce flooding in the park, making the open spaces more usable.

Trees: More than 400 trees of various species and sizes were planted after the removal of invasive buckthorn and ash trees doomed by emerald ash borer. These trees will provide a diverse, disease-resistant canopy. Monitoring of new plants and trees, along with replacement as needed, will be done for three years by the vegetation contractor.

What’s Next

  • Staff from the City and Minnehaha Creek Watershed District, which partnered with the City on the project, will follow a monitoring and maintenance plan they developed to ensure the park grows in as it should.

Park Design

Arden Plan Restoration Map

Contact Project Leaders

Laura Domyancich, Planner-Project Manager, Minnehaha Creek Watershed District.
Phone: 952-641-4582

Ross Bintner, Engineering Services Manager, City of Edina
Phone: 952-903-5713