K-9 Unit

Two teams of an officer and a specially trained male German shepherd make up the K-9 unit.

Edina police dogs, working with their assigned police partner, go through extensive training in agility, obedience, tracking, criminal apprehension and handler protection.

The City's K-9s are certified in Patrol and Narcotics Detection. Their training meets U.S. Police Canine Association standards.

K-9 Blitz

Badge number 14
Partner Officer Sean Young
Born in Slovakia
Date of birth Dec. 16, 2013
Joined Edina Police Feb. 3, 2015
Status Active
K-9 Blitz

K-9 Gryf

 Badge number 16
Partner Officer Mike Bengston
Born in Poland
Date of birth May 7, 2016
Joined Edina Police Nov. 30, 2017
Status Active

K-9 Ike

Badge number 15
Partner Officer Mike Bengston
Born in The Netherlands
Date of birth May 1, 2015
Joined Edina Police Jan. 6, 2017
Status Retired Sept. 8, 2017 (due to epilepsy)
Police K-9 Ike

K-9 Blade

Badge number 13
Partner Officer Jason Behr
Born in Slovakia
Date of birth Aug. 15, 2008
Joined Edina Police March 8, 2010
Status Retired Dec. 31, 2016
Died May 15, 2017
K-9 Blade

K-9 Diesel

Badge Number 12
Partner Officer Mike Seeger
Born in  Slovakia
Date of birth Jan. 18, 2005
Joined Edina Police March 6, 2006
Status Retired Dec. 27, 2014
Died Jan. 3, 2015
K-9 Diesel and Officer Mike Seeger

K-9 Kodiak

Badge number 11
Partner Sgt. Kevin Rofidal
Born in Czech Republic
Date of birth April 3, 2000
Joined Edina Police March 14, 2002
Status Retired March 4, 2010
Died March 7, 2014
K-9 Kodiak and Sergeant Kevin Rofidal

K-9 Memorial

K9 memorial rendering

A memorial to all the dogs who have served Edina Police stands outside the Police Department. Learn more about this memorial artwork.