Street Repair

The Streets Division maintains more than 200 lane miles of hard surface. Annual programs and routine maintenance of the streets reduce the number of repairs required. The Street Reconstruction Program is administered by the Engineering Department and also plays an important role in the rehabilitation of streets. 


Our goal is to respond to reports of potholes as quickly as possible. Service requests filed by our residents through Edina311 help bring the potholes and other street issues to our attention. We prioritize the severity and location of the potholes when preparing a repair during blacktop season.

Blacktop patch and repair, crack seal and the seal coat process are also part of the routine maintenance programs. 

Mill & Overlay Annual Program 

An overlay is a structural improvement which renews the street surface and extends the life cycle of the original pavement. This treatment is used on both good roads and very bad roads. Good roads get a mill and overlay, bad roads typically get a thin overlay to keep roadway safe until it can be reconstructed. If you have a question about this annual program, please call Shawn Anderson, Street Supervisor, at 952-826-0313.

Concrete Street, Sidewalk & Curb & Gutter Repair

There are many miles of concrete street, curb and gutter, and sidewalk repair based on functionality, tripping hazards, and the overall state of disrepair. Concrete streets comprise about 20 percent of the overall length of roadways constructed in the City of Edina. If you have a concrete concern, please call Street Supervisor John Scheerer at 952-826-0303.