Parklawn Avenue & Xerxes Avenue Project

Roadway Reconstruction & Sanitary Sewer Extension Project

Construction start dates are:
  • Mid-May to October to Parklawn Avenue (West 76th Street to France Avenue)
  • Mid-June to August to Xerxes Avenue (West 74th Street to West 75th Street)

Project Updates

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The Project

Parklawn Avenue will be reconstructed and narrowed to include:
  • 10-foot wide trail (Nine Mile Creek Regional Trail) to connect to the trail on Gallagher Avenue
  • Four pedestrian crosswalks will be added
  • Miscellaneous storm sewer, sanitary sewer and fire hydrant improvements
  • Right turn lane will be added at Parklawn and France
  • Sidewalks will be repaired and missing gaps filled in
Xerxes Avenue will include sanitary sewer improvements and construction of a 10-ft wide trail (Nine Mile Creek Regional Trail) from the Promenade to West 75th Street connecting to a trail in the City of Richfield.

Metro Transit Bus Stops

Parklawn Avenue bus stops will move to West 76th Street and France Avenue. Additional information will be available on Rider Alert Cards at each stop.

Special Assessment - Parklawn Avenue

Property owners are assessed 20% of the roadway costs. The additional 80% is funded by the State's gas tax fund. The pending special assessment is $568 per property. The final bill for the special assessment will be mailed to you in September 2018, and can be paid off over 15 years with interest. Read the payoff options.

Residents' Correspondences & Planning Documents

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