The Lost Wave Surf Simulator

Go with the flow! The Lost Wave is a surf simulator that provides thrills and challenges for those searching to try something new. It’s an exhilarating ride that will keep you coming back for more.

To bodyboard, a swimmer must be at least 42 inches tall. To stand up, a swimmer must be at least 52 inches tall.

Seeking to make this ride approachable for everyone, The Lost Wave will give novices a chance to try a board sport in a safe environment, but also provides a challenge for experienced surfers. While a veteran rider may develop the ability to do tricks, the newbie can simply enjoy riding the wave, all while building confidence "hangin' ten." As you perfect your skills, you will learn to turn, spray, drop, and climb on the wave face!


The Lost Wave is not included in the daily admission price but can be added on for $7. Season passes include access to The Lost Wave.


Anyone wishing to ride The Lost Wave surf simulator must submit a signed waiver (PDF), also available in person at the Edina Aquatic Center. For riders under age 18, waivers must be signed by a parent or legal guardian.

Private Coaching & Rental Sessions

The Lost Wave rental and coaching is available for individuals and small groups. Get some individualized attention on the surf simulator to improve your skills and show your friends how to "hang ten." Great gift idea! Reservations are required in advance and are based on availability of lifeguard staff. 

Master your skills at body boarding or stand-up riding with an experienced instructor. With one-on-one private lessons from our experienced staff, you have the potential to learn the basics of riding The Lost Wave's surface, safety, surfing and snowboarding-style maneuvers, skateboard-style tricks and more. Lessons are great for kids and adults who want to improve their skills, practice for boarding competitions or just want to ride the wave for fun!


You can reserve a 1 hour time slot  for a private rental, coaching/instruction session.

Fee:  $180 plus tax.

Available times for rental and instruction are 9-10 a.m. or 10-11 a.m. Monday through Friday and 9-10 a.m. Saturday and Sunday. Rentals are subject to lifeguard availability. 

Contact Dawn Beitel at 952-833-9543 for more information on making a reservation.