Coaches Library

The Coaches Library provides an opportunity for coaches to review materials to help develop successful practices, enhance sportsmanship among teams and encourage healthy body development. The Braemar Arena Coaches Resource Center is open daily during business hours. Enthusiasts are free to read books, scan/copy pages and watch videos while utilizing the space. All items are to remain in the center for everyone to enjoy!

Coaches Library

Available Materials

Braemar Arena Resource Center is a hockey information utopia. There are materials covering topics from anatomy and sports medicine to conditioning and the history of hockey. There are drill books for various age levels and books on Russian hockey basics and Czech defensive strategies. Those are only a couple of examples of the resources available within this vast collection.

About Coach Bob O'Connor

Our Coaches Resource Center is the proud home of Bob O'Connor's huge collection. O'Connor learned from the best. He ran the Suburban Hockey Schools for Herb Brooks and also the Fall Edina High School Camp for Bart Larson and Willard Ikola. These camps covered the basics of hockey including power skating, stick handling and team tactics.

His lifetime has been consumed by hockey and to fuel his knowledge of the sport, he collected everything he could find about hockey including books, magazines, videos and paintings. Not only did O'Connor's collection outgrow his basement, but he also yearned to share the material with others passionate about the sport he cares deeply about. Bob O'Connor's collections are also available at the USA Hockey National Headquarters and Providence University where O'Connor played Division 1 hockey.