Large Stone Mobile #2

Large Stone Mobile Number 2

The Artwork

“Large Stone Mobile #2” is a hanging mobile on a stainless steel stand. The kinetic sculpture portion of the piece is made of stainless steel rods and components with large river rocks. The mobile hangs on a custom stainless steel stand. The entire sculpture stands approximately eight feet tall, and the mobile’s width is approximately seven feet in diameter with a weight of 100 pounds. The piece is priced separately with the mobile at $1,200 and stand at $800.

The Artist

David Montague is a Twin Cities based kinetic sculptor, photographer, and visual artist. He has an aptitude for creativity. He is a creator of things—some of which he is bold enough to call art.

David is also an avid photographer and specializes in outdoor photography. He is also proficient in drawing, woodworking, jewelry making, web design, and residential tech support. A perpetual interest in how things work, combined with his inventiveness, has given David an extensive and unique skill set which he employs imaginatively. He has a background in political science and history, and after enthusiastically pursuing art as a hobby for years, he has recently started selling his artwork and other creations.


"Large Stone Mobile #2" is part of a rotating exhibition of sculptures and received second place in the 2017-2018 People's Choice Awards. The piece can be purchased for personal acquisition or as a gift to the City for $2,000.


Grandview Square Park