Lost in Space

Lost in Space

The Artwork

“Lost in Space” is a laser-cut, 1/4 inch plate steel piece depicting our modern world – a young girl with her smartphone in hand. The piece is modern yet representational. The artwork stands approximately five and one-half feet high, three feet in diameter and weighs 400 pounds. In the artist’s words “I have created work that reflects what I see every day. As an artist, I record my view of the world and the people that are living in it in the year 2017.”

The sculpture makes a strong statement and is a reflection of our society. The artist’s style is simple and bold with laser-cut heavy plate steel with a transparent stain. The goal for the artist is for the viewer to feel the alienation of people from one another. The message will linger for days.

The Artist

Judd Nelson grew up in Minnesota and loved being outdoors and started ice skating at four years old on a backyard pond. He started welding at 15 in a high school art class, and currently teaches Teen Welding to area youth. For fourteen years Mr. Nelson worked for Hometime, the National Public Television show as a lead builder both in front and behind the camera. He spends summers in Grand Marais in his sculpture studio and teaches welding at the Art Colony.


"Lost in Space" is part of a rotating exhibition of sculptures and received first place in the 2017-2018 People's Choice Awards. The piece can be purchased for personal acquisition or as a gift to the City for $5,600.


Grandview Square Park