The Assessing Division is part of the Community Development Department. It is responsible for estimating the market value and determining the classification of each piece of property (parcel) in the City of Edina for property tax purposes.

Understanding Property Taxes

This 3-minute video explains the steps, from how your property valuation is determined to how the rates are set. 

Annual Report


Valuations must meet the standards established by Minnesota Statutes and the Minnesota Department of Revenue. This office appraises all property at actual market value, determines the current classification/use of the property, informs property owners of their estimated value, conducts Board of Appeal and Equalization, and applies appropriate classification rates, reporting them to the taxing authority.

Online Property Information

Hennepin County has public information available online for all properties. Information includes the name of the owner/taxpayer, the most recent known sale date, links to information on current property taxes, instructions on how to pay current and past-due property taxes, and maps of parcels.

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