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The Artwork

“Raven” was installed in City Hall in early 2007. It was carved out of one piece of solid Black Belgian Marble. It was first exhibited in Grandview Square Park during the summer of 2006. After receiving many positive comments about the piece, the Public Art Committee recommended the sculpture be acquired for the City.

The Artist

Bryan Young has been carving stone for almost 20 years. He specializes in birds and fish. Young works with a variety of stones and bronze and has recently begun oil painting. Born in Traverse City, Michigan, Young lived throughout the West and Midwest before relocating to Bloomington in 2003. He says he finds inspiration in his love of the outdoors. Young is known for his ability to breathe life into stone.


“Raven” was funded by a grant from the Edina Community Foundation and the William D. Radichel Foundation.


Edina City Hall