Utility Box Art Wrap: 50th Street & Wooddale Avenue

Winter Dream

The Artwork

Public Art Edina, a working group of the Edina Arts & Culture Commission, finalized the installation of the City’s second art wrap in November 2015. The selected piece is entitled, “Winter Dream.” The artist was inspired by the woods out of her window. Thinking of the months without leaves, she sought to bring to life the dreams of warmth and color in her image.

The Artist

Edina resident Shelley Holl, who has been working with mixed media art for over 50 years, used a photograph of trees at Bredesen Park and her own watercolor artwork to create the image.

Holl is known for her creative use of materials and socially aware subject matter. Her watercolor, gouache, and egg tempera paintings and fabric-with-oil collages have been exhibited widely. The series "Waterborne Witness: Elegies for My New Orleans," fifteen paintings and a book, was first exhibited for the third anniversary of Hurricane Katrina in July of 2008 at the Bloomington Art Center and travelled to different venues such as the University of Minnesota and the Hennepin County Library for nearly two years. She was a recipient of a Bush Leadership Fellowship in 1990.


Public art in Edina is made possible through donations from community members and art lovers. Each utility box costs between $550 and $750 to wrap. Public Art Edina hopes to continue to wrap utility boxes throughout Edina working in conjunction with Public Works as utility boxes reach their life expectancy and need to be replaced. To donate to Public Art Edina or to make an artist submission, contact Parks & Recreation at 952-826-0367.


50th Street and Wooddale Avenue