Affordable Housing 

Open Doors EdinaThe City of Edina is committed to the creation and preservation of affordable housing for people who work in Edina, who want to stay in Edina, and who want to move to Edina. We call this "Open Doors Edina."

What is Affordable Housing?

Affordable housing includes houses and multifamily options that are affordable to households with low and moderate incomes.

Who Qualifies for Affordable Housing?

Housing is considered affordable when a household does not spend more than 30 percent of its income on housing expenses.  

Affordable housing programs generally serve households with incomes at or below 60 percent of the Area Median Income (AMI) for rental housing or at or below 115 percent of AMI for owning a home.

Income Limits by Household Size (2020)

Household Size 50% of AMI 60% of AMI 115% of AMI
1 person $36,750 $44,100 $84,525
2 people $42,000 $50,400 $96,600
3 people $47,250 $56,700 $108,675
4 people $52,450 $62,940 $120,635
5 people $56,650 $67,980 $130,295

Maximum Gross Rents That Can Be Charged (2020)

 Bedrooms 30% of AMI 50% of AMI 60% of AMI
Studio $551 $918 $1,102
1 Bedroom $590 $984 $1,181
2 Bedrooms $708 $1,181 $1,417
3 Bedrooms $818 $1,363 $1,636
4 Bedrooms $912 $1,521 $1,825

Fair Housing

It is the policy and commitment of the City of Edina to ensure that fair and equal housing opportunities are available to all persons in all housing opportunities and development activities funded by the City regardless of race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, marital status, status with regard to public assistance, creed, familial status, national origin, or disability. This is done through external policies to provide meaningful access to all constituents as well as fair housing information and referral services; and through internal practices and procedures that promote fair housing and support the City’s racial equity and inclusion goals.