Comprehensive Plan

What is a Comprehensive Plan?

Communities evolve and the best ones have a long-term plan to light the way. In local government, the ultimate torch is the Comprehensive Plan, which guides development and redevelopment and addresses changes likely to occur due to various social and market forces.

The Comprehensive Plan is meant to provide Edina with an outline for future development. The Metropolitan Council requires every city in the seven-county metro area to have such a plan and State law requires that it be updated every 10 years. Edina’s Plan includes chapters on land use, transportation, wastewater, water supply, storm water management, housing and parks and recreation.

About Edina's Current Plan

The City Council formally adopted the 2018 Comprehensive Plan on Aug. 18, 2020, and it is now in effect. 

The adoption was the culmination of work involving residents, business people and City staff that began in 2016. Hundreds of public meetings and multiple rounds of public comment were conducted. The Metropolitan Council approved the plan in summer 2020.

Read the Plan

The entire 2018 Comprehensive Plan Update is more than 4,600 pages long. 

Met Council's Required Changes to City's Submitted Plan

How We Got Here

The process to create the 2018 Comprehensive Plan Update has been going on since 2016. It’s involved hundreds of public meetings, special community-member-led groups and multiple rounds of public comment/input.

Better Together Edina has an excellent summary, presentations, timeline and more.

Listed below are related documents and meeting materials from the process.

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Comprehensive Plan Planning Meeting