Advisory Boards & Commissions

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The City of Edina has 100 volunteers serving on 10 advisory Boards and Commissions.

  1. Adult Opportunities
  2. Student Opportunities
  • Application: Opens by Jan. 1 
  • Application Closes: Jan. 31
  • Interviews: January and February 
  • Appointments selected: February 
  • New member orientation: February and March 
  • New terms begin: March 1 
  • Time commitment: 6-8 hours per month. Some months could require more time for large projects.
Arts & Culture Commission


Susan Chandler
Douglas Hegley
Heather Isaacs
Shreya Konkimalla - Student
Hannah Klein
Anne Miller
Michelle Morgan-Nelson
Marnie Pardo - Student
Russell Rubin
Steven Suckow

Staff Liaison: Susan Tarnowski

Community Health Commission


Amanda Herr
Om Jahagirdar - Student 
Andrew Johnson-Cowley
Britta Orr
Marnie Pardo - Student
Alison Pence
Steve Sarles
Caleb Schultz
Julia Selleys
Gregory Wright
Christy Zilka

Staff Liaison: Jeff Brown 

Construction Board of Appeals


Andrew Ayers
Phillip Buckvold
Edward Cracraft
Roger McVeety
Scott Smith

Staff Liaison: Bob Wilson

Construction Board of Appeals 2


Brian Berube
Scott Dunnigan
Wayne Dvorak
Douglas Hall
Kip Peterson

Staff Liaison: Dave Fisher

Energy & Environment Commission

Madeline Fernands - Student
William Glahn
Howard Hoffman
Michelle Horan
Paul Hussian
Carolyn Jackson
Keith Kostuch
Gauri Madhok - Student
Richard Manser
Lauren Slatterlee
Melissa Seeley
Louann Waddick

Staff Liaison: Tara Brown

Human Rights & Relations Commission


Patrice Arseneault
Catherine Beringer
Heather Edelson
Cindy Edwards
Michael Epstein
Ellen Kennedy
Saumya Mangalick - Student
Michelle Meek
James Nelson
Parsoon Sinha - Student
Jasmine Brett Stringer Moore

Staff Liaison: MJ Lamon

Edina has had a long history of human rights related issues and milestones. View our human rights timeline here. 

The Edina Human Rights and Relations Commission created the Bias Offense Response Plan in 1997 which is approved by City Council. View the Plan here.

Heritage Preservation Commission


Gabe Aderhold
Michael Birdman
Laurie Blake
Chris Davis
Karen Kelly
Scott Loving
Rachel Mondry
Sarah Nymo
Annie Schilling - Student
Mary-Kate Sipes - Student

Staff Liaison: Emily Bodeker

Parks & Recreation Commission


Aiden Anderson - Student
Valerie Burke

Matt Dahlien
Greg Good
Koren Hawk Nelson
Rick Ites
Elieen McAwley
Brenda McCormick
Michael Miller
Bryn Osborne - Student
Julie Strother
Patrick Willette

Staff Liaison: Ann Kattreh


James Bennett
Sheila Berube
John Hamilton
Tanner Jones - Student
Susan Lee
Louis Miranda
Anand Mittal - Student
Ian Nemerov
Joann Olsen
Gerard Olsen
Todd Thorsen

Staff Liaison: Cary Teague



Melinda Ahler
Kirk Johnson
Aboubekrine Kane
Jenny Ma - Student
Bruce McCarthy
Larry Olson
Lori Richman
Erik Ruthruff
Matthew Scherer
Shankar Veluvali
Tessa Yeager - Student

Staff Liaison: Mark Nolan