Edina Promenade

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The Edina Promenade, located in the heart of the greater Southdale area near Centennial Lakes, is an 80-foot wide greenway that connects the region's various retail, residential and recreational amenities.

Bicycle & Pedestrian Paths

The Promenade includes 0.75 miles of pedestrian and bicycle pathways and is designed as an extension of Centennial Lakes Park, a beautifully landscaped 24-acre area surrounding a 10-acre lake. This pathway network is a wonderful benefit for our residents, employees, and visitors.


Since regional trails typically serve bicycle users, a separate path system has been incorporated to accommodate bicycles in the Promenade corridor. The overall design concept for the Promenade, similar to the Centennial Lakes concept, creates a string of varied, interesting spaces, complete with public art. The pedestrian path includes colored concrete with decorative scoring similar in character to Centennial Lakes walkways. The bicycle path consists of a bituminous surface bordered by colored concrete bands. 

The paths meander separately along the corridor to allow the creation of special feature spaces between the two paths. This configuration creates variety and interest and the special feature spaces are equally accessible from both paths. This resulting pathway network creates the "ultimate urban escape" and greatly improves the livability of our community's residents, employees and visitors.


The Edina Public Art Committee, under the Art Center Board and comprised of residents and Edina Community Foundation representatives, was convened to enhance the beauty of Edina's public spaces with two - and three-dimensional art. Once the focus of this public art program is to procure artwork for the plazas along the Edina Promenade pathways.

The Edina Public Art Committee (EPAC) has recruited artists from Minnesota and beyond and has selected several pieces to display for a minimum of one year.

Ultimately, EPAC’S goal is to designate four or five plazas for permanent sculpture, with the remaining plazas to display rotating pieces on loan annually. With your help, we can create one of the premier outdoor sculpture parks in the upper Midwest.

Public art has the unique capability to delight, entertain, spark creativity and learning, honor local heritage, create a sense of place and identity, and boost the local economy by attracting residents and visitors. It is one of the key components of most great parks and public places throughout the world.

An investment in public art is an investment in your community, leaving a lasting legacy to be enjoyed for generations.


Stormwater Management & Landscaping

Another important objective for the Promenade is more comprehensive and responsible management of storm water. Rain falling on paved surfaces or conventional turf grass runs off quickly, with little or no chance to soak into the ground. This fast-moving runoff carries pollutants and fine particles into rivers and lakes, causes flooding and does nothing to recharge the groundwater supply. Plaza areas are constructed with interlocking concrete pavers made with small openings to allow water to filter through to a special gravel base beneath.