Knox Key Lock Box


Edina Fire Code requires that all businesses and multi-unit housing complexes utilize a key lock-box system in order to give emergency personnel access to the building in cases of after-hours medical or fire emergencies.

The Edina Fire Department uses "Knox-Box" key boxes, which must be ordered from the manufacturing company.

The Fire Department keeps a record of every "Knox-Box" in the City and is the only entity to possess a master key to open the lock-boxes. A "Knox-Box" is unique to the municipality where it is located, meaning only the Edina Fire Department can open a lock-box in Edina.

Residential Optional

Residents may also purchase a residential "Knox-Box" if they wish to provide the Fire Department easier access to their home in cases of emergency. Lock-boxes are only used in times of emergency. Contact the Edina Fire Department for more information.

How to Order

To order a "Knox-Box," visit the "Knox-Box" website. (By clicking this link, you will leave the City of Edina website and enter a commercial website.)

Select your desired model from the list on the left side, enter the zip code where the product will be installed and select "Edina Fire Department." Then select the specific model for which you are looking. After you compete your purchase, Knox notifies the Edina Fire Department by email that you have made your purchase. Once the lock-box arrives, contact the Edina Fire Department at 952-826-0378 for installation instructions and to make arrangements for an inspector to meet you at the site to secure the box.

Contact Information

For more information, email the Edina Fire Prevention Bureau or call 952-826-0378.

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