Wooddale Avenue Bridge


The Wooddale Avenue Bridge carries Wooddale Avenue over Minnehaha Creek, nearby St. Stephens Episcopal Church at 4439 West 50th Street.


Constructed of a multi-plate steel arch and local Platteville Limestone, Wooddale Avenue Bridge provides a rustic style, fitting for its location on Minnehaha Creek.
Wooddale Avenue Bridge
The materials also match those used on the neighboring St. Stephens Episcopal Church which was also built in the 1930s.

Historical & Architectural Significance

The bridge is historically significant because it was built in 1937 as part of the federal Works Progress Administration (WPA) which provided the labor, with the City providing the engineering and materials. Additionally, the bridge is an outstanding, well preserved specimen of multi-plate masonry arch bridge construction.

National Register of Historic Places

The Wooddale Avenue Bridge has not only achieved local designation as an Edina Heritage Landmark property, but is also listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

Heritage Landmark Designation

To this day, the Wooddale Avenue Bridge retains the historic integrity of the essential physical features required to convey its historical and engineering significance. A plan of treatment that accompanies the Edina Heritage Landmark designation provides the City with guidance for the future maintenance and rehabilitation of the bridge to ensure that it continues to add to Edina's historic fabric well into the future.
The Crier with the Wooddale Avenue Bridge on the Cover