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Welcome! We are pleased you have chosen Edina in which to make your home and hope you will enjoy our community for many years.

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The Law: Edina City Code Sec. 26-282. Operation of Bicycles. Any person operating a bicycle on any street or bicycle lane must comply with Minn. Stats. 169.222.

What It Means: Traffic laws apply. Like any other driver, bicyclists must follow all the rules of the road.

  • Bicyclists may ride on all Minnesota roads, except where restricted.
  • Bicyclists must obey all traffic control signs and signals, just as motorists.
  • Motorists and bicyclists must yield the right-of-way to each other.
  • Bicyclists must signal their turns and should ride in a predictable manner.
  • Bicyclists must use a headlight and rear reflectors when it’s dark. To increase visibility, add a rear flashing light.
  • Bicyclists should always wear helmets.

Recreational Fires

The Law: Edina City Code Sec. 18-65. Section 307.2 Certain Open Fires Permitted. An open burning permit may be issued for the following purposes:

  1. Instruction and training of firefighting personnel.
  2. Abatement of hazards that, in the opinion of the fire chief, cannot be abated by other reasonable means.
  3. Management of vegetation by the jurisdiction, other governmental agencies, or other individuals that, in the opinion of the fire chief, show a valid need, and under the direction of the fire department.
  4. Special events or ceremonies by recognized organizations, under the direct supervision of the fire department.
  5. Recreational fires as approved by the fire chief.

What It Means: Before starting a recreational fire, obtain a free recreational fire permit at Before each fire, call the recreational fire hotline to ensure the fire danger index is low with no bans in place. All fires must be contained in a ring or pit, and be at least 25 feet from all structures. A 5-foot radius around the fire must be clear of combustibles. Limit fires to no larger than three feet in diameter by two feet high. Properly extinguish a fire with water. Coals can still be hot, even days after the last visible flames are out. 

Watering Restrictions

Edina follows an odd/even schedule depending on your address. Yard watering is allowed only before 11 a.m. or after 5 p.m. on your scheduled days. Learn more.

Yard Restoration by Utility Companies

Several utility companies do work in Edina’s rights-of-way. If you have concerns about their restoration of your property, please contact them directly: