Green Fleet, Transit & Transportation

Have you considered leaving your car at home?

You can reduce carbon emissions and energy use when you move from being a solo car driver to carpooler, biker, walker or bus user. Check out these resources for more information:

Thinking About Electric Vehicles?

Electric Vehicles (EVs) can be cheaper to fuel and operate. Electric engines are also more durable and require less maintenance than internal combustion. The Department of Energy electric eGallon compares the cost of fueling an electric vehicle to a gallon of gasoline. The DOE also provides a Fuel Economy comparison and information about Alternative Fuel Vehicles.

Air Quality Index

Increasingly, pollutants such as fine particles and ozone cause the Air Quality Index to suffer. More than one-third of the toxic air pollutant emissions in Minnesota come from cars and trucks. EVs produce no tailpipe emissions and may be a part of the solution to balance the need for clean air with the mobility that society demands.