Vision Edina

How will Edina continue to define excellence over the next 20 to 25 years?

Vision Edina was a broad-based, inclusive community visioning process culminating in a Vision Edina Strategic Vision and Framework for the community. Future iQ, an international firm specializing in future visioning, served as the consultants on the project.

Vision Edina worked with local residents, organizations and businesses to explore:

  • What is unique and important about living in Edina?
  • Where is there opportunity or need to evolve or change?
  • How can we continue to progress to keep the city relevant and attractive to current and future residents and businesses?
  • What is our competitive edge?


Date Released
Report Description
August - September 2014
Community Profile & Benchmark Analysis (PDF)
Cities of the Future (PDF)
Research on City trends and implications
September 2014
Scenarios of the Future (PDF)
110 think tank workshop participants identify "drivers" shaping the future and develop four plausible future scenarios.
October - December 2014
Community Engagement Report (PDF)
Community members weigh in on plausible scenarios at 37 meetings. 591 Vision Edina surveys were collected.
January - May 2015
Strategic Vision & Framework (PDF)
Community review and comment. Open house held on April 14, 2015 and approved on May 19, 2015.