Neighborhood Engagement Officer Program

Neighborhood Engagement Officers serve as liaisons between the neighborhoods and the Edina Police Department.

Recognized Edina neighborhoods have a Neighborhood Engagement Officer who will strive to maintain regular, ongoing contact with residents to develop stronger relationships.

The goals of the Neighborhood Engagement Officer Program are:
  • Increase the visibility and engagement of officers in designated neighborhoods.
  • Encourage officers to be more proactive in community-oriented policing.
  • Develop a two-way exchange of information between residents and the Police Department.

Calls For Service

Neighborhood Engagement Officers will conduct regular analysis of "calls for service" to their assigned neighborhoods to determine recurring themes or possible problem areas; touch base with the property managers or association leadership to discuss issues, areas of concern or upcoming events; provide regular presence and visibility in the neighborhood and attend block parties and neighborhood meetings.

Identify your neighborhood's assigned Neighborhood Engagement Officer below:
Neighborhood Officer
Arden Park Neighborhood Association
Detective Nicole Frederick
Chowen Park Neighborhood Association Officer Kyle Waterstreet
Concord Neighborhood Association Detective Morgan Piper
Creek Knoll Neighborhood Association Officer Adam L'Heureux
Morningside Neighborhood Association Officer Mike Seeger
Pamela Park Neighborhood Association Officer Emily Jepson
Strachauer Park Neighborhood Association Officer Joe Delgehausen
Lake Cornelia Neighborhood Association  Detective Dave Lindman
South Cornelia Neighborhood Association Detective Dave Lindman
Sunnyslope Neighborhood Association Officer Ryan Banaszewski
White Oaks Neighborhood Association Officer Justin Patterson