What's Happening in Edina
  1. Joel and Harmony Kaplan

    'Distancing Duo' Lifts Spirits with Song Parodies
    What started as a way to entertain people during the COVID-19 shutdown turned Joel and Harmony Kaplan into a social media sensation, with their classic song parodies earning them the nickname the "Distancing Duo."
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  1. City Manager Asks Community How Federal Funds Should be Spent

    Edina City Manager Scott Neal is asking community members for their input on how federal funding should be spent. Read on...
  2. Police Seeking Assistance to Locate Missing Person

    The Edina Police Department is asking for assistance from the public to locate a missing person. Read on...
  3. Sunnyslope Becomes City-Recognized Neighborhood Association

    The Sunnyslope Neighborhood recently completed the process to become a City of Edina-recognized neighborhood association. Read on...
  4. Annual Salary Posting

    Minnesota Statue 471.701 requires that “a city or county with a population of more than 15,000 must annually notify its residents of the positions and base salaries of its three highest paid employees.” Read on...
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