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Posted on: June 3, 2019

Care for Neighborhood Storm Drains, Hydrants and Parks

Residents have three ways to get involved and help keep their neighborhoods clean and safe: Adopt-a-Hydrant, Adopt-a-Park and Adopt-a-Drain.

You may have heard of the Adopt-a-Hydrant program to keep snow away from hydrants, but it’s just as important in the summer as it is in the winter. During the colder months, hydrants can be buried in snow and cause dangerous delays for firefighters. In the summer and fall, plant growth and leaves can obscure hydrants, too. The City looks for residents to sign up to adopt hydrants to keep them shoveled in the winter months and clear of foliage in the summer.

“It’s just as important to keep an eye on the hydrants near your home in the summer as it is in the winter. We’ll see a lot of hydrants hidden behind tall flowers or grass and, though the resident may like the landscaping around it, it makes it difficult for us to find and open that hydrant when there is a fire,” said Fire Inspector Brian Hanrahan. “Minutes really do matter when there is a fire, so we hope people sign up for the Adopt-a-Hydrant program.”

Hydrants are available for anyone to adopt – it doesn’t have to be located in your yard. Sign up to participate by calling 952-826-0378. You can also sign up to paint a fire hydrant. The Public Works Department supplies the required fire-hydrant-red spray paint. Call 952-826-0376 to arrange paint pickup.

The Adopt-a-Park program, established in Edina in 1994, is a popular program, especially for clubs and families. Parks are adopted for two years at a time. Adopters commit to cleaning up trash at the park at least twice a year. City will provide cleaning equipment, haul trash away and erect a personalized sign that’s displayed at the park and highlights the group or individual who has adopted the park.

“Residents who participate in the Adopt-a-Park program contribute to a cleaner environment in their neighborhood and allow the City to conserve and redirect resources,” said Parks & Recreation Administrative Coordinator Janet Canton. “They help maintain the high quality of Edina’s parks by keeping them litter-free and identifying safety hazards.”

If you would like to sign up to adopt a park, call Canton at 952-826-0435.

The newest opportunity for residents is the Adopt-a-Drain program, which gives you the chance to “adopt” any number of storm drains in your neighborhood. Adopt-a-Drain launched in April and is a coalition of more than 70 public, private and nonprofit organizations, including the City of Edina and the Nine Mile Creek and Minnehaha Creek watershed districts. Those who sign up commit to keeping drains clear of trash, leaves and grass. In addition, participants are encouraged to spread the word that pet waste, plant debris and road salt directly impact Minnesota lakes, streams and rivers.

“The Adopt-a-Drain program empowers residents and businesses to directly contribute to clean water. Whether you can see a lake or creek from your home or not, the actions you take in your neighborhood have an impact. The collective actions of a community committed to clean water are powerful,” said Water Resources Coordinator Jessica Wilson.

When pollutants enter a waterway, they break down and feed algae, which causes the water to become green and soupy, filters sunlight so fish and plants can’t grow, and eventually creates dead zones.

Those interested in signing up in the program can do so at From there, you can select the drains you’re interested in adopting, give each drain a personal name and track the amount of waste you’ve eliminated from waterways.

To learn more about Adopt-a-Drain and Edina’s involvement, contact Wilson at 952-826-0445.

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