Fire Department


Fire Station No. 1
6250 Tracy Ave.
Edina, MN 55436


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Administration: 952-826-0330
24-Hour Dispatch: 952-826-1600

24 hours

Administration hours
8 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.

Meet the Team
Name Title Email Phone
Ball, Tyler Firefighter/Paramedic 952-826-0330
Berube, Brian Fire Inspector 952-826-0335
Blanek, Harry Paid-On-Call Firefighter    
Bretson, Karen Fire Prevention Administrative Assistant 952-826-0339
Brooks, John Paramedic/Firefighter 952-826-0330
Ehmiller, Dave Lieutenant 952-826-0330
Fisher, Pete Training/Safety Chief 952-826-0329
Hadzima, Dominic Paramedic/Firefighter 952-826-0330
Haege, Tyler Firefighter/Paramedic 952-826-0330
Hammerschmidt, Rick Fire Marshal 952-826-0337
Hanrahan, Brian Fire Inspector 952-826-0340
Hegge, Thomas Firefighter/Paramedic 952-826-0330
Hughes, Mike Fire Inspector 952-826-0338
Huppertz, Michael Paramedic/Firefighter 952-826-0330
Jacobs, Travis Paramedic/Firefighter 952-826-0330
Kearns, Emily Paid-On-Call Firefighter    
Kinne, Benjamin Paramedic/Firefighter 952-826-0330
Knaeble, Pete Task Force Administrator 952-826-0348
Koch, John Paid-On-Call Firefighter    
Kregness, Mike Paramedic/Firefighter 952-826-0330
Larson, Nicholas Paramedic/Firefighter 952-826-0330
LaVenture, Andrew Paid-On-Call Firefighter    
Link, Joshua Paramedic/Firefighter 952-826-0330
Mazurkiewicz, Ivan Firefighter/Paramedic 952-826-0330
McLeod, Doug Paid-On-Call Firefighter    
Memmer, Austin Firefighter/Paramedic 952-826-0330
Nordwig, Nick Paramedic/Firefighter 952-826-0330
O'Brien, Bill Paramedic/Firefighter 952-826-0330
Petrella, Adam Paid-On-Call Firefighter    
Porthan, Todd Fire Lieutenant 952-826-0330
Quinn, Ryan EMS Chief 952-826-0330
Sandon, Pat Fire Captain 952-826-0330
Satter, Laine Paid-On-Call Firefighter    
Schlick, Daniel Firefighter/Paramedic 952-826-0330
Schmitz, Tom Fire Chief 952-826-0332
Schmitzer, Dave Fire Captain 952-826-0330
Schmoll, Ruth Administrative Assistant 952-826-0326
Schuett, Erik Paramedic/Firefighter 952-826-0330
Siems, Jeff Assistant Chief of Operations 952-826-0328
Skatrud, Todd Paramedic/ Firefighter 952-826-0330
Skinner, Eric Paramedic/Firefighter 952-826-0330
Sorenson, Benjamin Paid-On-Call Firefighter    
Vadnais, Scott Fire Lieutenant 952-826-0330
Wakefield, Todd Paid-On-Call Firefighter    
White, Shaun Captain 952-826-0330
Willems, Matt Paramedic/Firefighter 952-826-0330
Winkel, Brandon Paramedic/Firefighter 952-826-0330

Fire Station Number 2 

7335 York Avenue
Edina, MN 55424



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