Engineering Department


7450 Metro Blvd.
Edina, MN 55439


Link: Engineering Department Page


Monday - Friday

7 a.m. - 3:30 p.m.

Meet the Engineering Team

Meet the Facilities Team

Name Title Email Phone
Acosta, Evan Graduate Engineer 952-826-0448
Bauler, Nick Traffic Safety Coordinator 952-826-0349
Bintner, P.E., Ross Engineering Services Manager 952-903-5713
DeRemer, Brian Maintenance Technician, 50th & France 952-826-0354
Ditzler, Aaron Assistant City Engineer 952-826-0443
Foster, Rebecca Senior GIS Specialist 952-826-0447
Gerk, P.E., Charles Project Engineer 952-826-0321
Haataja, Tom Senior Engineering Technician 952-826-0446
Hancock, Grace Sustainability Coordinator 952-826-1621
Machani, Edinah Engineering Technician 952-826-0444
Marquez, Zuly Graduate Engineer 952-826-0322
Millner, P.E., Chad Engineering Director 952-826-0318
Moore, Jonathan Senior Engineering Technician 952-826-0441
Moore, Liz Administrative Coordinator 952-826-0449
Scipioni, Andrew Transportation Planner 952-826-0440
VanDerWerff Wilson, Jessica Water Resources Coordinator 952-826-0445

Facilities Division 

7450 Metro Blvd.
Edina, MN 55439


Name Title Email Phone
Finberg, Rachel Project Manager 952-826-0397
Johnson, Nate Public Service Worker  
Klapperick, Terry Public Service Worker - HVAC 952-826-0352
Otten, Derik Facility Manager 952-826-0356
Rischmiller, Keith Public Service Worker - HVAC 952-826-0351
Schmieg, Jaren Electrician 952-826-0304
Silver, Noah Electrical HVAC Supervisor 952-826-0350
Zewdie, Yared Maintenance Technician I