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4801 W. 50th St.
Edina, MN 55424

Edina, MN 55424


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You are welcome to email any or all City Council Members. Emails sent to City Council will not be included in the City Council packet. To send an email to all members of the City Council, use this address:

If you wish to submit your comments to become part of the next City Council packet, comments must be submitted through the Correspondence Submission form. Please note, your comments will be public. All comments submitted through this form will be included in the next City Council meeting packet. 

Correspondence sent to the City Council in paper form will be emailed to the City Council. 

Please note, according to State law, correspondence between individuals and elected officials is private data on individuals, but may be made public by either the sender or the recipients.

When you submit information to the Mayor and City Council, that correspondence is considered private data on individuals. However, the City Council Members may make your communication public as allowed by MS. 13.601, Subdivision 2. at their discretion. Your communication will be viewed by City staff as directed by the City Council. 

If you are having technical difficulty, contact Executive Assistant Jennifer Garske, .

Name Title Email Phone
Anderson, Ron City Council Member 952-833-9549
Brindle, Mary City Council Member 952-941-7746
Fischer, Mike City Council Member 952-833-9569
Hovland, James Mayor 612-874-8551
Staunton, Kevin City Council Member 952-836-1020