Why should we organize? What are the benefits?

The City has made a commitment to notify and consult with Neighborhood Associations on matters of neighborhood interest. For example, Neighborhood Associations will be notified when:

  • Significant neighborhood projects are being discussed or proposed such as a street reconstruction, park development or redevelopment or land use planning.
  • There is a City matter or public hearing.
  • The City is seeking resident input and organizes a neighborhood group for this purpose.

Other benefits include:

  • Communication Support – Even though the City is not the primary communication vehicle for Neighborhood Associations, the City will ensure residents are aware of the recognized neighborhood associations in the community.
  • Meeting Space – City-owned meeting space is available and free of charge for Neighborhood Association meetings or events.
  • Guest Speakers –City staff may be requested as a guest speaker for the Neighborhood Association.
  • Annual Workshop – the City will coordinate an annual workshop for the recognized Neighborhood Associations to share ideas and best practices.
  • Annual Award – Each year the Mayor will give a Neighborhood Association Award to recognize a neighborhood for their excellent effort in community building.

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