What is a Neighborhood Board or Steering Committee?

Every organization needs a core group of dedicated individuals who are committed to maintaining the group’s vitality.. Neighborhood Boards or Steering Committees convene meetings, maintain records, and generally ensure that the association is meeting its member’s needs. The Board or Steering Committee is elected by the members of the Association, or as otherwise specified in the bylaws. A neighborhood’s leadership will not assume the role of an administrative or legislative body.

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1. What is a Neighborhood Association?
2. What is the difference between a Homeowners Association and a Neighborhood Association?
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7. Does the City provide any funding to neighborhood associations?
8. What are Association bylaws?
9. What is a Neighborhood Board or Steering Committee?
10. Why are we required to hold one annual meeting and give notice to all residents?
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12. How is membership determined?
13. Why can’t an Association mandate membership dues?
14. Does the City cover an Association’s liability insurance?