What if I disagree with the assessor’s value?

Detailed appeal options can be found on the Valuation Notice mailed to property owners in March of every year.

If after receiving your market value notice in March, you believe your property classification is incorrect, call the Edina Assessing Office at 952-826-0365.

If you disagree with your current value, collect information to show why you believe your estimated market value is incorrect, such as a recent appraisal of your property, recent sales of similar properties, etc.

First, contact the City of Edina Assessor’s Office at 952-826-0365 to discuss your valuation with the appropriate appraiser.

If you are unable to resolve the valuation issue with the appraisal staff, the next step is to complete an application to attend the local Board of Appeal and Equalization meeting identified on your value notice. Staff will help you with this process. You must start with your local board.

If your concern still is not resolved at the local level, you may then proceed to the County Board of Appeal and Equalization meeting. These steps must be accomplished according to the timeline set forth in the market value notice.

If your concern is still not resolved, you may petition the Minnesota Tax Court. Tax Court Petitions may be filed after you receive your value notice and before April 30 of the year the taxes are payable.

For more information, contact the Minnesota Tax Court at 651-539-3260 or MN Relay at 800-627-3529. Or online at: Minnesota Tax Court / Minnesota.gov (mn.gov)

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