How does the City use the Comprehensive Plan?

The Comprehensive Plan is used to respond to development, changes in the community (such as increased traffic), and other factors that may have an impact on a community. It can also be used to guide and shape future development, working in conjunction with residents, business owners and land owners. The Comprehensive Plan sets forth a vision and goals, along with a chapter for implementing those goals.

The Planning Commission uses the Comprehensive Plan as the basis for its deliberations and decisions regarding review of development applications, and for its recommendations to the City Council. The City Council, other appointed Commissions, and City departments use the Comprehensive Plan to develop programs and the Capital Improvement Plan. Property owners and developers use it to consider potential future uses and development of property.

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1. What is a Comprehensive Plan?
2. What are the chapters of the Comprehensive Plan?
3. Why did Edina update its Comprehensive Plan?
4. Who leads the process to update the Comprehensive Plan?
5. How does the City use the Comprehensive Plan?
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7. What is the Metropolitan Council’s role in the Edina Comprehensive Plan?
8. What is the Metropolitan Council? How are members chosen?
9. The Metropolitan Council has given the City some forecasts about future growth. What if the City doesn’t agree with those forecasts?
10. What changed from the 2008 Comprehensive Plan?
11. Which consultants worked on the 2018 Comprehensive Plan and what were their roles?
12. What is a small area plan?
13. Did other jurisdictions have any comments on the proposed Comprehensive Plan?
14. Can the Comprehensive Plan be amended? If so, how?
15. When will work begin on the 2028 Comp Plan?