What is the Metropolitan Council? How are members chosen?

The Metropolitan Council is the regional planning agency serving the Twin Cities seven-county metropolitan area. It provides essential services to the region. The Metropolitan Council works with local communities to:

  • Operate the region's largest bus system
  • Collect and treat wastewater
  • Engage communities and the public in planning for future growth
  • Provide forecasts of the region's population and household growth
  • Provide affordable housing opportunities for low- and moderate-income individuals and families
  • Provide planning, acquisitions and funding for a regional system of parks and trails
  • Provide a framework for decisions and implementation for regional systems including aviation, transportation, parks and open space, water quality and water management

The 17-member Metropolitan Council has 16 members who each represent a geographic district and one chair who serves at-large. They are all appointed by the governor. The State Senate confirms Council member appointments.

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