How do I submit program on Southwest Television?

Forms for program submission can be accessed online as can the SWSCC Policies and Procedures page. Reading through the policies  will likely answer most, if not all, of your questions. The majority of  questions asked are answered on pages 4–6 and have to do with Drop-Off Procedures and Scheduling of Programming. If you choose to submit programs electronically, it’s a one-step process under the Forms section of this website. 


Each program submitted in DVD form for playback on SWTV’s Public Access Channel must be accompanied by a Public Cablecast Request Form. An Educational Cablecast Request Form should accompany SWTV’s Education programming.


The Edina Playback Facility partners with the City of Bloomington to  provide producers with resources such as a studio and video production  equipment. Those interested should contact Bloomington Community Access Television (BCAT) at 952-563-4980.

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1. How do I submit program on Southwest Television?
2. I see bulletins running in between programming. May I submit an informational graphic for broadcast?
3. Will Edina Playback Facility (EPF) create a video bulletin graphic for me?
4. You recommend MPEG Streamclip to convert my DVD to a file that can be uploaded. Is this the only program I can use?
5. I use a Mac. MPEG Streamclip tells me I need the MPEG2 Playback Component. What now?
6. I just export my program file directly from my editing software. Is this ok?
7. It takes a very long time to upload my program file. Is this normal?