How can I learn more about the contractor?

Once you know the name of the contractor, do some online research. What  other houses have they built? What features are commonly seen in the  developer’s residential projects? What have its clients said about them?  What about neighbors of those projects?

The State of Minnesota Department of Labor and Industry has the  authority to license and regulate building contractors and remodelers.  Are there any licensing actions or complaints that have been filed  against this builder with the State of Minnesota Department of Labor? Check the status of a license.

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1. Is the work permitted?
2. How will the home be laid out?
3. What do I do if I have concerns about the setback of the new home in relation to my property?
4. How will I know who is doing the project?
5. How can I learn more about the contractor?
6. Why do I have to attend the pre-construction meeting? What is covered in the meeting?
7. Why should I document everything?
8. What are construction management issues? What can I do about them?
9. What are the regulations regarding noise and after-hours work?
10. How can I file a complaint?
11. What should I do if I experience property damage?