Why do I have to attend the pre-construction meeting? What is covered in the meeting?

For a demolition permit, at least 15 days before demolition occurs, the permit holder must provide written notification to all property owners within 300 feet of the demolition site notifying the property owners of a proposed demolition and invite them to a neighborhood meeting. The neighborhood meeting must be held at least five days for demolition begins.

Attending this meeting is highly recommended. Topics discussed may include hours of operation, construction schedule (demolition, excavation, deliveries, concrete work and completion date), storm water and erosion control, noise mitigation, dust control, equipment, etc.

Bring a list of questions you want to ask. For example, How can work be coordinated so that trucks don't block the street any more than necessary? Who is going to take responsibility for shoveling the snow from the sidewalk?

Make sure that whatever information is communicated to the neighbors is also being communicated to the subcontractors. Has the contractor conveyed pertinent information and laws to its subcontractors? For more information, please call 952-826-0369.

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1. Is the work permitted?
2. How will the home be laid out?
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6. Why do I have to attend the pre-construction meeting? What is covered in the meeting?
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