How do I locate my corner property irons?

Tips and hints for locating corner property irons:

  • PROTECT YOURSELF from injury.  Find out where underground utilities are buried BEFORE digging.  Call Gopher State One Call at 651-252-1166 to have your utilities located.  This is a FREE service.
  • Renting a metal detector can give you an indication of an iron location before you start digging.  Be careful not to disturb the iron monument when digging.
  • You may not be able to find one or more of your property irons.  Sometimes irons are dug up when utility work, street construction or similar activity has taken place near your property corners.
  • If an adjacent neighbor has recently done construction, they likely had to locate their irons and may be able to show you where they found a shared iron(s).
  • Utility poles, hedges, sidewalk edges, fences, etc. are not necessarily correct indicators of property line location.
  • A survey of your property can also help in finding your corner irons.  The City of Edina may have a survey on file in the Building Inspections Division or you can visit the City of Edina website to see if a survey was filed for your property. Click here to search for a survey by address

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