If I sign up, will the cost be added to my utility bill?

No. All payments go to SLWA. Where to send the payments is included in the information from SLWA.

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1. Is the Service Line Warranty Program a City of Edina program?
2. Why am I getting letters about this insurance?
3. Why is the City seal on these mailings?
4. Why would the City make such an agreement with a private company?
5. Is it mandatory I sign up for this insurance program?
6. How do I opt out of letters regarding the Service Line Warranty Program?
7. Why doesn't the City send an explanation letter first to inform residents of the program?
8. Why would I need this? Isn’t the City responsible if water or sewer lines break or fail?
9. What could go wrong with my water and sewer lines?
10. How often do these problems happen in Edina?
11. I have copper pipes. Don't those last forever?
12. Doesn’t my homeowner’s insurance already cover this?
13. I live in Edina, but get water service from Minneapolis. Can I still sign up?
14. If I sign up, will the cost be added to my utility bill?
15. Does the City get any of the warranty fees?
16. Can you tell me about what’s covered and what’s excluded? What are the coverage caps?
17. Do I have to sign up by the deadline listed on the letters?
18. What if I have more questions about the warranty program?
19. How did the warranty company get my address?
20. Will the company be selling my address to other insurance companies or third parties?