Why does the Aquatic Center open in June and close in August?

It all comes down to staffing, primarily lifeguards. To keep all of the amenities open at the Aquatic Center, we need 20 lifeguards at a time. That's many more lifeguards than most other community pools need.

Many of our lifeguards are students who aren't available until the end of May or mid-June, and we need time to train them. Many also return to schooling in August, as soon as activities begin. Although we hire many lifeguards, there aren't enough available in early or late summer to stay open.

We did attempt one year to try to keep the facility open longer into summer by closing some of the amenities, but that upset guests who wanted the full experience.

Each year we examine several factors before choosing the season dates. It fluctuates slightly from year to year, but generally runs early June through the third Sunday in August.

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