Where is the TCE coming from?

The MPCA and EPA have been working since the early 2000s on groundwater contamination in St. Louis Park. A plume of contamination has extended into Edina.

In October 2003, Edina Well No. 7, a seasonal well, was shut down and not turned on again until Water Treatment Plant No. 6 was constructed.

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1. What is TCE?
2. What are the health concerns of TCE in drinking water?
3. What amount of TCE in drinking water is safe?
4. Does Edina have dangerous levels of TCE in its drinking water?
5. Where is the TCE coming from?
6. Should I be concerned about the Washington D.C.-based Environmental Working Group’s report showing TCE in Edina’s drinking water?
7. Does the City do anything to reduce the level of TCE in its water?
8. The Environmental Working Group's report references results of tests in 2011-2015. Can I view more recent tests?
9. Where can I get more information?