What class should I register my child for?

New skaters, starting at age 3, should register for Snowplow Sam 1.  After passing this introductory class, skaters advance through four progressive levels where kids enjoy fun and games while building their confidence in skating. Skaters then transition to Basic Skills levels 1-6 where they start building a strong foundation of fundamentals including agility, balance, coordination and speed.

Instructors evaluate skaters near the end of the session and give you a report card that indicates which level to register for the next session. Mastery skills for each class level can be found at learntoskateusa.com.  

Click here for our skate class progression flow chart  

Children in 1st Grade and older with or without skate experience should start in Basic 1 and progress through all six levels. 


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1. What class should I register my child for?
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6. If I miss a class, can I make it up later?
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