What is the difference between the two party packages?

The Open Skate Party price includes admission and skate rental for 10 guests plus the birthday child and is scheduled only during Open Skate sessions which are open to the public.  Private parties do not have a guest limit and can be booked any time ice is available.  Both packages include a party room for two hours.  

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1. What is the difference between the two party packages?
2. Can I have more than 10 guests at an Open Skate Party?
3. When is Open Skate scheduled?
4. How can I see ice availability to rent for a private party?
5. Can I book a party on the outdoor Backyard rink?
6. Are rental skates available?
7. Can guests bring their own skates?
8. Are skate rentals included in the party package price?
9. Can I decorate the party room?
10. When do I pay for my party?
11. What are my food and beverage options?
12. What is provided in the party room?
13. Is a kitchen available to store refrigerated items or to heat up food?
14. What room will my party be booked in?
15. Is an on-ice coordinator provided to entertain my guests?