Which consultants worked on the 2018 Comprehensive Plan and what were their roles?

Consultants that worked on the 2018 Comprehensive Plan were:

  • Biko Associates, Inc. -- William Smith, Daniel Lubben, Aida Strom
  • Bolton & Menk, Inc. -- Haila Maze, Sarah Strain
  • Cornejo Consultants -- Dan Cornejo
  • Economic Development Services, Inc. -- Janna King
  • Griffin Design, LLC. -- Timothy J. Griffin, Joseph Hang
  • ZAN Associates, Inc. -- Dan Edgerton, Faith Xiong, Coal Dorius, Tom Holmes
  • Bob Close Studio, LLC. -- Bob Close
  • Architecture Field Office -- Mic Johnson, Sarah Crouch

Based on comments from the City Council’s advisory Commissions, the consultants took primary responsibility for assembly of the Comprehensive Plan elements and small area plans, while providing support and assistance to other City staff and resident advisory groups and assisting in community engagement.

Biko Associates, Inc., was responsible for ensuring responsiveness of Comprehensive Plan elements to Metropolitan Council requirements, especially with regard to conformance with all metropolitan systems policy plans, consistency with requirements of the Metropolitan Land Planning Act and Metropolitan Council policies, and compatibility with the plans of other local jurisdictions, including school districts.

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