What is a small area plan?

Small area plans provide guidance on land use, transportation, housing, environmental protection and parks/natural spaces uses and improvements in a specific identified geographic area. Ultimately, the goal of a small area plan is to improve the quality of life within the geographic area, as well as the greater community.

Small area plans help to implement the goals of Edina’s Comprehensive Plan. Small area plans determine land use regulations and help to guide future redevelopment proposals. City staff also use small area plans to identify infrastructure improvements necessary to support the uses proposed in the plan. Small area plans do not, however, guarantee redevelopment will occur or that proposed public improvements will take place. Other factors, such as market conditions or budget priorities, will play an important role in how a small area plan is implemented. It is important to remember that small area plans are intended to provide guidance over a long period of time.

The 44th & France, 50th & France, Wooddale/Valley View, 70th & Cahill and the Greater Southdale areas had been identified as areas of potential change in the 2008 Comprehensive Plan to be studied for small area completion. Wooddale/Valley View was completed with the remainder of small area plans completed as part of the 2018 Plan Update. All were planned to be elements in the 2018 Edina Comprehensive Plan update.

Local residents, business owners and other stakeholders worked together with members of the Comprehensive Plan Task Force, consultants and City staff to draft the small area plans for City Council approval.

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