Did other jurisdictions have any comments on the proposed Comprehensive Plan?

After the City Council approved a draft of the Comprehensive Plan, there was a six-month comment period for surrounding jurisdictions to provide feedback. The comment period closed Nov. 8. The following agencies provided comment:

Hennepin County and Minnesota Department of Transportation:

  • Both commented on the Transportation chapter
  • Neither found any issues or concerns

Three Rivers Park District:

  • Revisions to three maps to better illustrate the Nine Mile Creek Regional Trail
  • Language revisions to better and more accurately describe Three Rivers Park District properties, trails and trail alignments and identify the preferred alignment for the Canadian Pacific Rail Regional Trail
  • Revisions to address typographical errors

City of Bloomington:

  • Revision to a map to demonstrate Bloomington’s decision to no longer support the Conceptual East/West Connector, a bridge over I-494 between France Avenue and Normandale Boulevard

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1. What is a Comprehensive Plan?
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13. Did other jurisdictions have any comments on the proposed Comprehensive Plan?
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