What changed from the 2008 Comprehensive Plan?

All chapters of the Comprehensive Plan have been rewritten. The writing style for each chapter is that of the group that worked on it.

Chapters the City elected to include in 2008 (but not required by the Metropolitan Council) included Community Facilities & Services, Environment & Energy and Heritage Preservation. Those chapters have been rewritten as well.

New chapters have been added, including Economic Competitiveness & Economic Development, per encouragement from the Metropolitan Council; and Community Health, Arts & Culture and Human Rights, based on City of Edina priorities. Most, if not all, of the chapters had a specific Commission assigned to review and rewrite the 2008 chapter or create a City-elective chapter that was identified as a priority during the Vision Edina process that preceded work on the 2018 Comprehensive Plan.

The 2008 Edina Comprehensive Plan identified several areas in Edina as “Potential Areas of Change.” During the 2018 Edina Comprehensive Plan process, small area plans were completed by resident-led work groups for those potential areas of change. All Small Area Plans have been approved by the City Council, and are included in the Comprehensive Plan.

There are also a number of new plans and initiatives that have been added and incorporated into the 2018 Comprehensive Plan since 2008, including the Pedestrian Bike Plan, Living Streets Plan and Water Resource Management Plan.

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1. What is a Comprehensive Plan?
2. What are the chapters of the Comprehensive Plan?
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7. What is the Metropolitan Council’s role in the Edina Comprehensive Plan?
8. What is the Metropolitan Council? How are members chosen?
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10. What changed from the 2008 Comprehensive Plan?
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12. What is a small area plan?
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