When and how will a body-worn camera video be made public?
  • Body-worn camera video is presumptively private data in Minnesota.
  • When a police investigation is active, the data is classified as confidential and will not be released.
  • If a police investigation is no longer active, individuals can access body-worn camera data only if they are in the recorded video. Data on other individuals who do not consent to the release must be redacted.  

In a few limited circumstances, data that is no longer part of an active investigation may be classified as public. This includes data documenting the use of force by a peace officer that results in substantial bodily harm, discharge of a firearm by a peace officer other than for training or animal control, data that a data subject requests be made accessible to the public (subject to redaction), and data documenting final disposition of a disciplinary action against a public employee.

Data practices laws are complex and requests are handled on a case-by-case basis to assure compliance with the law and to protect the subjects of the data. Those seeking access to body-worn camera recordings may contact the police department to request data.

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