Can the COVID-19 vaccine affect women’s fertility?

The COVID-19 vaccine will not affect fertility. The idea that the COVID-19 vaccine affects fertility started when a false report appeared on social media. Although the report was later removed from social media, millions of people saw it. Many people shared it with friends and family. This is how the myth became widespread.

If you are trying to become pregnant now or want to get pregnant in the future, you can receive a COVID-19 vaccine. There is no evidence that COVID-19 vaccines cause problems with trying to get pregnant. If you are trying to become pregnant, you do not need to avoid pregnancy after receiving a COVID-19 vaccine. 

It is important to remember that pregnant people are at a higher risk of severe illness with COVID-19 and that there are known benefits of vaccination. Hear from Dr. Katia Castillo, OB-GYN, about why she recommends the COVID-19 vaccine to her patients. 

Learn more about COVID-19 vaccines and pregnancy from the Minnesota Department of Health.

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14. Can the COVID-19 vaccine affect women’s fertility?
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